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Kelly Slater is healthier than you. Flip through his Instagram and you will see pictures of his health practices–things like homemade almond milk to a wide variety of juices. It’s impressive and commendable the lengths that some go to in order to make sure their body runs at the highest level possible. Chia is his latest health kick and, for someone so engrained in best health practices, it’s a solid move. Chia is a seed, grown in a pod, that is high in Omega-3′s, protein, dietary fiber and is also a great antioxidant. The effects of chia are subtle yet positive. Kelly says simply, “I just feel good.” A virtually tasteless food, sprinkle some on your next meal and see how it works for you. This clip from The Chia Company out of Western Australia shows Kelly getting the tour of their farm, talking about his health practices and why he chose that path. The connection between his health/diet and his professional success is strongly tied hence his interest in visiting The Chia Company’s farm.