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UA High Student of the Week #1

Hi there everyone! As I said before, I plan on trying to get the community more active! This anime has stolen a special place in my heart within the last year. I started watching just before season two was uploaded, but I didn't start rewatching until last summer with my little cousin. He loved the show and his favorite character is our little hot headed boy Bakugou! Which I think gives Bakugou the right to be the first student of the week since my cousin hated anime before this show!
Bet you all thought I was gonna have Kirishima as the first person since that's my name! He may be my favorite, but he doesn't always come first. Gotta love the Kacchan too! By the way don't scroll through google pictures for anime pictures unless you want to see some rather... hot... pictures of our anime boys.
super excited season 4 is coming out!!! This one is one of my favorite characters!
@Kirishima I can't wait either! I'm glued to my Crunchyroll and Funanimationnow app waiting for it to pop up!
Kacchan is awesome!
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