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BNHA Man Crush Monday #1

I bet that everyone knows who my first man crush monday is going to feature! Yeah, you got it right if you guessed Kirishima. Crappy hair boy that I love with all of my heart. I have never been this obsessed with an anime character before, but I really do love the boy. I wish he would have more parts in the show~ Maybe next season?
I know that his hero outfit is pretty revealing, but he is a special boy who thought his power wouldn't be good enough to be a pro hero like the rest of his classmates. I hope in the future of at least the manga that we will see him as one of the higher ranking pro heros of his time. We all know sparky sparky boom boom boi, deku, and todoroki are all going to be high ranking heros, but I would love to see Kirishima right behind them.

Who is your man crush monday of the week?
His costume is NOT revealing. Better point that finger at Midnight's R-rated hero costumes!
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