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So here’s something you don’t see everyday: a beautiful girl clamped onto the dorsal fin of a Great White Shark. If you do see this everyday, then you’re living a great life. So who is this woman who swims with Great White sharks? Kimi Werner. As an avid spearfisher, Werner treads the line between predator and prey – eventually discovering balance in an unlikely place. “The moment we stop taking care of nature, that’s when everything’s going to be lost,” says Werner. “Whether it’s respecting the plants that we eat, the animals we hunt, or even the one’s that are hunting us. It’s all a beautiful thing, and we’re all in it together.”
now this is amazing : ) I love everything she just said the way she talked about the ecosystem and just wow .. the part where they were just swimming together ^^
She is now the gutziest person I've seen! Great whites are so scary! Amazing footage!!!!
I love Island people! They're so pure and aware of the earth. This lady is not only beautiful, she's so smart and creative. I think that God smiles when he sees people like her!