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Dr Jin Episode 9 preview is out everyone!!! Don't forget to follow me ( to get previews and updates regularly! ====================================== Time Slip Dr Jin Ep 9 Click on this link: English Translation: "This world needs you.. Dr Jin" Jin Hyuk tells Yongrae that he doesnt want to hurt anymore people - to do so he has to return to the future. Yongrae is confused... she meets Gyungtak and tells him that she cannot marry him and she cries in front of him. Gyungtak pulls out his sword in anger.... but slashes only the grass in front of him, thankfully not anything more. Meanwhile, Lee Ha Im asks Jin Hyuk to visit the King's mother. But Jin Hyuk wants to focus on saving the people and he ignores the order. Nasty rumours start to spread about Jin Hyuk which lead to his arrest... Looks like it's going to an exciting episode!!! Anyone going to do live recaps of Time Slip Dr Jin?
How about episode 10, please?
Thanks very much !