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2PM’s Nichkhun donates five million won to help children from multi-cultural families
The fan club of 2PM’s Nichkhun recently made a donation to help children from multi-cultural families. On June 22, Nichkhun’s fanclub Kupkunka.com gave a gift to the social welfare foundation Children and Future, which supports children in and outside the country, in celebration of Nichkhun’s birthday, which was June 24. In celebration of Nichkhun’s 25th birthday, Kupkunka.com members saved five million won from January to May this year. The donation will be spent to support children from multi-cultural families. The fan club members say, “Nichkhun said the most memorable gift from his fans was a certificate of donation. So we made a special donation to celebrate Nichkhun’s birthday. Because the celebrity we love not only shows a lot of interest but also participates in donation, we become more active and enthusiastic about donation and volunteer work.” Children and Future’s Star♡, Donation♡ is a fund-raising event, in which fan clubs make donations to isolated children and teenagers in the names of their favorite celebrities in celebration of their special days, such as birthdays, debut anniversaries, and start and end of movie or drama shooting. Through the event, the fans can express their congratulations and love to their favorite celebrities while their love toward the celebrities are extended to isolated children and teenagers. Source: Starnews
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