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Jung Yoo Mi recently went delirious from Lee Jin Wook’s touch. On June 21, in the 2nd episode of tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday series I Need Romance 2012, Jung wavers between accepting and rejecting Lee. Even though Jung has broken up with Lee in the series, Lee’s touch makes Jung to have second thoughts. Since they started their new living arrangements, they spend a lot of time together. Lee touches Jung by tying her hair and shows off his muscular arms. He also wears a bathrobe and stares into her eyes and finally makes her feel delirious with his touch. Jung even dreams about Lee touching her. As a result, she asks her friends for advice but she says to Lee, “Do you want to sleep in my room sometimes?” The 2nd episode of the series will air on June 21 at night. Source: Starnews
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lol if he were to be my roommate i would go crazy as well lol he is yummy :P