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Rain, who is currently serving in the Army, appeared at a military music concert and drew a lot of attention. On June 20, Rain appeared at the ‘Military Music Concert with Bucheon Citizens.’ Many fans were excited by his surprise appearance. Even though he is in the Army, he proved that he still has great fashion sense. He wore a comfortable T-shirt and a fedora and captured many female fans’ hearts by showing off his firm figure. The concert was originally for people who sacrificed themselves for the country but it was also opened to the fan club of Defense Media Agency. After the concert, Rain had a little chat with his fans and left the venue. Rain join the Army on October 11 of last year and he will be discharged on July 10 next year. Source: Xportsnews via
Es un dulce total!!!!!
innately, naturally....."A TOTAL PERFORMER" i salute you!!! you GOT my heart.
Would that not be you biggest have Rain appear. Me thinks I have died and gone to heaven.