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Summer is coming up, and the band Busker Busker is likely to continue its fever in music market that had started in spring. The band’s wrapping-up album which was released on June 21 at midnight is sweeping all the rankings from the first to the fifth on major music websites such as, Melon, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music, Naver Music, and Daum Music. Along with the title track “If You Really Love Me,” all the songs on the album, “It’s Hard to Face You,” “Neon Sign,” “Showers,” and “Please Wait,” are lined up one after another on the charts. Their advance in the industry was somewhat predicted because their first official album was quite successful. However, because there are many competitive artists at work at the moment and the band had announced that it will not give any performances before and after the release, people have wondered if their album was going to make an impact. As you already know, their album is on a remarkable advance in the market with a phenomenon so-called “all-kill-ranking” and proved that people’s negative prediction was groundless. The wrapping-up album gained greater reactions from music fans than the official one, and it seems that the first album’s success had planted a seed of trust in people that they are now naturally listening to all of their new songs. CJ E&M’s music division that produced the album says, “In just three months after their debut, Busker Busker made their title a worthy brand name that people are inspired to listen to their songs by just reading their name. It’s one case that pure passion for music successfully appealed to public.”