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SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon, the star who is about to come out with a new album at the beginning of July, has finally revealed a teaser image and his fans are getting very excited about it. Following his first solo, My Girl, last year, Kim is bringing out a second one, called Escape. On his official website, he has revealed a teaser image of his new release. During a hiatus of a year and four months, Kim has successfully acted in the TV series She’s Glowing and Love You, earning another nickname, actor-“idol.” He is now back to his original career as a singer. In the teaser image, Kim grabs attention at once with a mysterious yet masculine look. His silhouette reflected under a spotlight on a dark background gives a strong impression, emphasizing his masculine image. Also, his black costume, which highlights his shoulders and waist, exposes his well-built, muscular, V-shaped torso. Contrary to his previous gentle, warm image, he now appeals with his mature, sexy charm, building greater expectations among fans. Fans who saw the posting gave explosive reactions: “His new album looks great! I can see his stormy charisma in just a single picture.” “Finally, his second solo album, which I’ve been waiting for a long, long time, is out.” “His mysterious, strong masculine image looks awesome.” “He now looks like a man.” “His silhouette reflected under the light looks so sexy.” “July, come faster!” Just like his album, which is stronger and more impressive, he is expected to be back with more mature music and deeper emotions at the beginning of July. Source: Star Daily News