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Actor Gong Yoo and singer G.Na have been chosen as ‘the celebrity whom I want to spend my summer vacation with.’ A portal site Mediatong carried out a survey targeting 548 office workers from June 4 to 18 and asked, ‘Which celebrity do you want to go on a summer vacation together?’ 32.7% of men chose G.Na and 40.1% chose Gong Yoo as the celebrity whom I want to spend my summer vacation together. Gong Yoo who is showing off his romanticism on KBS’s Big, ranked first place with the overwhelming 30.1% of the votes. Joo Won who is gaining attention and popularity by appearing on Two Days and One Night and Bridal Mask, ranked second place with 21.5% of the votes. So Ji Seop who is playing the lead on Ghost, ranked third place with 14.6%, Kim Soo Hyun who appeared on The Moon That Embraces The Sun ranked fourth place with 10.7%, and Big Bang’s T.O.P ranked fifth place with 7.4% of the votes. In the women celebrity poll, G.Na who has a voluptuous body, ranked first place with 32.7% of the votes. SNSD’s Yuri ranked second place with 17.8% of the votes, Kim Ha Neul, Hyun Ah, and Suzy followed her heels with 14.4%, 10.4%, and 6.7% of the votes respectively. As for the most beautiful spot to travel during the summer in Korea, Jeju Island ranked first place with 30.7% of the votes, Haeundae second with 24.6%, and GangNeung ranked third place with 10.4% of the votes. As for the beautiful places outside Korea, Cebu ranked first place with 28.6%, Boracay second with 18.2%, Europe third with 12.4%, Phuket fourth with 7.4%, and Guam ranked fifth with 4.2% of the votes. Source: Xportsnews via