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From most popular to least... 1. Colin Kaepernick 2.Peyton Manning 3. Russell Wilson 4. Adrian Peterson 5. RG3 6. Ryan Tannehill (??????) 7. Tom Brady 8. Aaron Rodgers 9. JJ Watt 10. Drew Brees I would have never guessed Tannehill would be on this list, and ABOVE Brady, Rodgers, Watt, and Brees? Seems fishy to me...
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@GimmeDatMona Think about this, Tannehill is in his second year playing in the NFL and is doing surprisingly well. People already have Brady, Rodgers, Watt, and Brees jerseys. Any newer 'hot' player or a player that has switched teams recently will have higher jersey sales than the rest.
colin kaepernick? wouldn't have expected it but that is pretty cool
No one would have owned his jersey so he has a huge fan base of people who need to get one
@jayman and @TeamWaffles : trueeeeee