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손가락을 보면 운동 잘하는지 알 수 있음.jpg
EBS 다큐프라임 '아이의 사생활' 중 생물학적으로 임신 8주 이후 '테스토스테론(남성 호르몬)'의 노출에 의해 성별이 결정되며, '테스토스테론'의 영향으로 손가락 비율에 차이가 생김 '테스토스테론(남성호르몬)'에 많이 노출 될수록 약지가 검지보다 길다. 손바닥 부분을 자로 재는 것이 정확함 테스토스테론(남성호르몬)의 영향을 적게 받으면 '여성', 검지가 약지보다 긴 편 테스토스테론(남성호르몬)의 영향을 많이 받으면 '남성', 약지가 검지보다 긴 편 일반적으로 여성은 검지가 길고, 남성은 약지가 긴 편 영국 축구선수 305명을 대상으로 조사를 해보니, 상위 리그로 갈수록 선수들의 약지가 검지보다 훨씬 길었다. 약지 손가락의 비율을 1이라고 하면, 상위 리그로 갈수록 검지 손가락의 비율이 낮음 (약지가 검지보다 길수록 운동 능력이 좋다) 대충 끼워 맞추기 아닌가? EBS에서 확인과정으로 한 6학년 학급학생들의 손을 모두 스캔해서 교수에게 제출. 학생들 분석요청 '박성원' 이라는 학생의 손을 보더니 유달리 약지가 길어 "분명 운동을 잘하고 달리기가 빠를것이다."라고 얘기 학급 중 가장 약지가 긴 남학생 확인결과 도대표 축구선수 ㄷㄷ (한 경기 6골 득점왕) 손가락 비율 무려 0.91 (약지 1: 검지 0.91) Q. 축구 잘하는 방법좀 알려주세요. A. 그런거 없고, 저절로 됨. 이번에는 다른 학생의 손을 분석 남자아이 손가락 비가 1.03 (검지가 약지보다 길다.) 학급 중 가장 검지가 긴 남학생 여성스럽게 생기고, 평소에 말이 많으며 우는 일도 잦음. 장점은 언어능력 발달, 공감능력 발달. 선천적으로 여성적 뇌를 지닌 경우 세계적으로 17%정도가 남성임에도 여성적 뇌를, 여성임에도 남성적 뇌를 가지고 태어난다. 운동 신경이 뛰어난 여자 선수들이 약지가 긴 편이 많다고 함 출처 쭉빵 오 나도 약지가 더 길어 ㅋㅋㅋ
Why Ronda Rousey is an Inspiration
Ronda Rousey, the number one woman MMA fighter is currently a hot topic all over the web. Some people might think she's over-hyped but there are many reason why she is loved! 1. She works hard to get to where she's at! Ronda had a history of training before challenging Miesha Tate and take over the title as Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion. If you watch the documentation above, her mom said, "She went from being introduced as AnnMaria's daughter to me being introduced as Ronda's mom. That flip came around when she was 16." On top of that she trained hard to win the Olympic medal for Judo. 2. She's determined. Yes, she's talented and skilled. But I also think the reason why she earn the championship is she doesn't stop trying. She has a vision and she worked towards it. 3. She's positive body image role model. Back in February, she modeled for Sport Illustrated's 2015 Swimsuit issue. Ronda told SI why she isn't going to take this for granted. “I was so happy to have this opportunity because I really do believe that there shouldn’t be one cookie cutter body type that everyone is aspiring to be." In addition, she also GAINED weight for the photoshoot. “I felt like I was much too small for a magazine that is supposed to be celebrating the epitome of a woman. I wanted to be at my most feminine shape, and I don’t feel my most attractive at 135 pounds, which is the weight I fight at. At 150 pounds, I feel like I’m at my healthiest and my strongest and my most beautiful.” But just like all of us, she wasn't always proud of her image. She told Cosmo, “I grew up thinking that because my body type was uncommon, it was a bad thing. Now that I’m older, I’ve really begun to realize that I’m really proud that my body has developed for a purpose and not just to be looked at.” 4. She's the type of friend we all want. If someone ever talk trash about her family or loved ones. She'll shut you up in 34 seconds. 5. She's proud of her achievement. If there's something to take away from Ronda it is.... Don't stop believing, work hard, and be proud at what you do!
Ninja Art; Killer Kicks 101
In the image I have provided you can see the proper form of a classic round house kick. To start simply raise your knee up to your torso. As you kick twist your hips and unleash your attack. Be certain to have enough control not to pass the center of your body. It is important to bring your leg back in and return to your original stance after this or any other kick. This insures a safe finish in case you miss. A side kick is simallar to the round house. First start by raising your knee to your torso and then twist 90 degrees lifting your foot up to your knee. Stike using the ball of your foot then return to the twisted raised knee position. Twist back into the standard raised knee position and then return to your standard position. Next is the standard front kick. Like with the round house lift your knee to your torso then perform your kick. Try and hit with the ball of your foot. Once you have completed the kick bring your leg in and return to your stance. A crescent kick is much like the front kick and is useful for disarming opponents or surprising them. Bring up your knee and arc your kick either inward or outward depending on the situation. After completing the kick you should be in the standing position with your knee raised to your torso. From this you can kick again or return to your stance. The windmil kick is a little more difficult and less likely to see combat for beginers. Using your front foot twist around raising the other knee. As you return to facing your opponent unleash your kick. Do not cross over the center of your body. Once completed return to the position of one raised knee and then again to the starting position. Finally we have reached the back kick. Raise your knee as you would for any other kick and then begin to crouch forward. Unlease your kick while maintaining your balance. Then return to your starting stance. As you practice these kicks always start by lifting the attacking leg into the raised knee position. From there try to mix it up, you may need to change a kick in an instant so it makes for good practice. Also practice spinning 90 degrees from that stance to change directions. It seems silly but comes in handy and can be a real game changer.