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We are still in the process of deciding if our prospect is worth our time

We are still in the process of deciding if our prospect is worth our time.  We continue to ask questions.  This takes some practice and good listening skills.  You can, however, get the hang of it rather quickly.  One tool to use is to answer your prospect’s question with another question.  For example, let’s say a prospect asks you, “How much money does your product cost?”  Early in your effort to recruit you prospect, that’s not likely a question you might choose to answer.  You might respond with something like, “How important is money to you?”  This is not at all to say you are dodging a direct answer.  It is, however, to say that it’s all about keeping the prospect vocalizing and your maintaining control of the conversation.  The minute you lose control (the power), things go downhill fast.  This way also helps to make the prospect feel more at ease.
Next try asking questions that are hard to disagree with:  “Would you agree that an extra $2-3K per month would make a difference for you and your family?”  “Are you willing to get more information so that you can make an informed decision to help change the quality of your present life?”
Then attempt to create some sort of urgency for the prospect to act (invite them to go to your site, sign up for a free conference call, etc.):  “Assuming this is a good opportunity for you, how soon will you be ready to begin earning extra income?”
Questions to ask that can also elicit “yes” responses are small phrases like, “can you,” “don’t they” and “aren’t you.”  Here’s an example…most folks would like to be making more money – wouldn’t you?”  “People are seeing the benefit of this (product/service) in their lives – can you?”  Words can provide emotional (left brain) responses.
Finally, seek to match your prospect’s voice pitch or tone.  By that I mean things like using words you hear them use, speaking at the same pace you hear them speaking, at the same volume you hear them use.  Try some these Pneumatic Tools factory free tips and discover how your sign up rates will increase. 
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