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Guillotine paper cutters can be a great way toaccurately and cleanly cut paper

Guillotine paper cutters can be a great way toaccurately and cleanly cut paper. They can typically cut more sheets atonce then their rotary counterparts and most of today's cutters havesafety features that make using them a safe experience. Here are fivegreat guillotine paper cutters you should check out.
The Martin Yale Premier P212X.This new trimmer is a high-quality device that's great for a variety ofapplications. The base is made out of polyboard, which is virtuallyindestructible. It's been imprinted with both metric and standardmeasurements. This trimmer has a 12-inch cutting length and it canslice through 10 sheets of paper at once. The blade is self-sharpeningand can be locked in the "down" position when you're not using it. Iteven has a torsion spring that will prevent it from fallingaccidentally when you're cutting. The P212X has a great lifetimewarranty, making this a wise purchase.   The Swingline Ingento 1132. Thiscutter is eye-catching and is made from real maple wood. The 1132 has a12-inch trimming length and it can take care of 15 sheets at once. Theblade is self-sharpening and made from stainless steel. It can belocked into place when not in use thanks to a latch hook. The base hasa measurement grid and ruler so you'll be able to cut your paper asaccurately as possible. This product comes with a ten-year warranty.   The Martin Yale Premier T12 SharpCut.This is another great product from Martin Yale.
Compostable Coffee Cups Manufacturers It has a sturdy woodenbase (there are rubber feet on the bottom for stability) and standardand metric measurement grids. This device can cut up to 15 sheets at atime so long as they're no longer than 12" long. The SharpCut has ablade latch that secures the blade automatically and there's a fingerguard. Both of these features make this trimmer really safe to use.Also, the blade is self-sharpening and is covered under this product'slimited lifetime warranty.   The Dahle Vanrtage 12E. Dahleis one of the world's best manufacturers of office supplies and theyalso make from great guillotine trimmers. The 12E is one that's goodfor use in a variety of environments. It can cut up to 15 sheets atonce and would able to great for trimming photographs. The 12E has anautomatic paper clamp to keep your sheets secure and to prevent fanningand an uneven cut. Also, the blade has a spring in it so it won't flyup or fall down accidentally. And, of course, the base has an alignmentgrid on it.   The Swingline ClassicCut Lite 9312. ThisSwingline trimmer is great for all-purpose cutting. It's lightweight soyou can use it anywhere you want and it can trim paper, cardstock, andphotographs. It can cut 10 sheets of paper that are up to 12" long. Analignment guide and ruler are printed on the base, and there's a bladelatch to keep things safe when you're not using the device. Thisproduct comes with a limited 10-year warranty.
If one of these cutters strikes your fancy, why not get one today? That way, you can start cutting now!
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