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Korean Idol Style Contact Lenses

Hey there! This is SOOOOBAK :) I wear contact lenses usually shipped from Korea - Since I love Korean contact lenses! I will share what kind of contact lenses I use, and which ones are most popular in Korea! PLUS, where I usually order my contact lenses.

These are most trendy contact lenses in Korea right now!! The size isn't too big so I like that part too. I don't have big eyes, so I think this will fit on my eyes :D

2. Spanish Grey and Brown
These are one of my favorites!! They are very small in size so it looks very natural when you wear them. It gives you natural but chick looks!

3. Olens Someday
Someday is for natural, daily looks. I used these when I go to school because no one really knows if I put on contact lenses or not when I put on these lol. Very natural, love the brown colors that permeates to my eyes just like my own.

So, most importantly, where do I order these products!? Click Below!

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