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Book Recommendation: City of Brass Trilogy

For fans of fantasy books, I want to share two books (third is still being written) that I think you'll like :)

City of Brass follows one girl living in Egypt named Nahri. She is just like you and me except for some strange powers that she doesn't give much thought to. She can heal people and can understand/speak languages the second she hears them (isn't the the dream!)

Without giving too much away, she accidently sends out a sort of beacon that has mythological creatures like djinn, peri, and many more immediately coming for her - most of them wanting her dead.
Luckily she has a daeva (similar to a djinn) that is sworn to protect her, even though he soooort of hates her guts.

They have to not only save themselves, but essentially save the world and restore order and as expected, it's not easy.
Overall I liked the plot and loved learned more about middle eastern mythology, but I wish there was more time to develop the characters. So much happened that it felt a little rushed.

The second book, Kingdom of Copper continues the story. I didn't love it as much as City of Brass but I feel like it had to exist to move the story forward. I have high hopes for the third one due out in January 2020!

If you have any book recs for me, be sure to leave them in the comments!
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Girls of paper and fire is a fantasy series Im really liking so far!
There's one that just came out called "Wicked fox" by Kat Cho and it's about a girl who is a gumiho and I guess she saves a human guy but she's not supposed to and could lose her powers or something. I haven't read it yet (I just requested it at my library) but it looks really cool because its Korean mythology set in modern time.
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