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Eyebrow tips! What eyebrows do you have?

Found this short article on how to get the perfect brow for your face!
When it comes to round face shapes it is important not to elongate the face.  Try shaping your brows into a high arch shape, which follows a straight line to the peak of the brow, and creates more vertical lines. Stay away from a rounded brow shape.

If your face is squarer shaped, experts recommend you go thick with a nice, strong arch. Strong and thick eyebrows can help soften the heavy jawline. A defined sharp peak at the top of the brow will make your eyebrows appear stronger, which helps to create a balance of your face.

A straight, medium thick brow with a very subtle arch suits a long face by drawing the attention outward instead of up and down. Experts say to focus on extending the length of your brows from left to right.

For oval shaped faces angular arches, or severe lines that stretch outward to the temples would look best on you. Oval shape is the ideal shape for eyebrows since you can’t really go wrong with your shape.

I have an oval face, so I am happy I can do anything hehe. What kind of eyebrows do you guys have???
I think I have a long face too .. or maybe oval I'm confused of my face now lol
i have long face so i usually try to make my eyebrows long too
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