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This durable cost effective

This durable cost effective machine will provide the missing link in getting the required time sensitive information label (traceability, COOL, pull date from store Temper furnace Price shelf, and best before date), on the plastic bags used for selling fresh fruits and vegetables to the consumer. The machine can accurately apply these labels about five times faster than manual application. a Canadian agri-machine manufacturer, announces the launch of a new produce bag labeling machine for wicketed and non wicketed produce bags. Using pre printed labels is the lowest cost method to transmit the required information in human readable form, to the consumer at store level.
This is the current method used.Easy to meet the labeling requirements of export markets for fresh fruit and vegetablesPosie Packer Corp.The modular format used in this strictly electro-mechanical machine, allows it to be easily customized for a particular sized plastic bag a required label location or a particular label size.Since . The machine will allow fruit and vegetable packers to use their existing automatic bag filling equipment, minimizing the costs associated with meeting today’s need for food safety and product traceability