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GIF: Anderson Silva Goes Down After Breaking Leg With His Own Kick
Anderson Silva lost his fight against Chris Weidman for the middleweight title after Silva kicked his opponent and broke his leg in what may be a career-ending injury. Weidman was declared the winner by technical knockout in UFC 168 in Las Vegas, due to Silva's gruesome injury. In the second round, Silva threw a leg kick which was checked by Weidman. Weidman showed nothing but respect to Silva, saying he was fighting against the greatest of all time. I have a hard time looking at this.
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Not at all, I was so mad...I wanted to see a fair ending
4 years ago·Reply
saw this in a bar last night. everyone was screaming in disgust
4 years ago·Reply
Say goodbye to legend. just hope he get better soon. He proved enough.
4 years ago·Reply
it will most likely end his career
2 years ago·Reply