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Stayed up for the past few nights. As expected, being the MC for Gayo Daejun is fun and enjoyable! Angel of Smiles, Sung Si Kyung-ee hyung and Dara Dara Bright Dara Lee Tae Baek-ee*. It was Park Sandara's first time being an MC but her pronunciation was good and clear. She also knows how to attack and was calm. She was not bewildered by my improvisations and even dealt with it well. I miss you*.. ?! Sorry, I can't seem to go to sleep so I seem to be malfunctioning~ The weather today is cold, (but you) worked hard and suffered. No matter when, (I) always will love you Heechul ah ♡ T/N: Lee Tae Baek was a character in a drama 'Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek' so I guess Heechul was praising Dara as genius as well. Heechul also played with the words which are the title of 2NE1's song 'I Miss You'. The ending sentence sounded like he was talking to himself.