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How Writing Fairy Tales Can Help You Become More Mindful?

Why my word matters? I am a writer. I started as a ghostwriter and I was writing testimonials. When my task was to write a few reviews on dissertationwritings.com I decided it was enough for me and I started writing using my pen name. Two years after, I became a popular columnist. Now I run my blog where I help people to achieve success in writing. Writing is my passion and I am always happy to share my experience.
With time, people learn how to look like serious and respectful adults, but rarely become mature. We wear masks, play roles, follow behavior rules we cannot explain and often make decisions unconsciously. To grow up spiritually, we need to learn how to achieve a mindful state – a non-judgmental awareness of our thoughts and emotions.
Surprisingly, fairy tales can help with this. The very idea of it may seem ridiculous since we often make a mistake of thinking that only something sophisticated should be used for achieving adult goals. However, in most cases, it is not true. On the contrary, we need to go back to basics and find the first mistakes that made us chose the wrong path.
Writing fairy tales has already proved to be an effective therapeutic tool and it can be equally successful in helping you with finding stillness in your mind.
1. Reveal your true self
Being constrained by usual conventions, we may lose connection with our true personality and experience difficulties with detecting thoughts and believes imposed from outside. Since mindfulness is impossible without knowing what is yours and what is alien, you need to set a special filter for marking everything that comes through your mind. Creative writing is a powerful monitoring tool itself. However, only telling fairy tales gives you absolute freedom and a state of relaxation, when you do not have to write to order, consider other people’s tastes and requirements, or even lie to yourself. This is why it is different from creating novels, paper writing, or keeping a personal diary. On the one hand, you reflect your personality in a fairy-tale character; on the other hand, you are not afraid to be recognized, because you use a “common property” as a basis for your story.
2. Make friends with your inner child
Deep inside we remain children no matter what. It is a part of our personality. We often do not hear our inner child’s voice, because it is muted with louder things – our mundane tasks, problems, responsibilities, fears, and other distractions. Do you often recall what you dreamed about when you were five or ten years old? You may think it is useless and there are things more important to care about, which, in fact, turn out to be someone else’s wishes.
It is hard to get through all the layers and reach the little you, but fairy tales make this task easier. They give you a possibility to speak with your inner child the same language, so you can find out answers to questions that seem unanswerable.
3. Unleash your creativity
A real magic happens, when you feel you can create anything you want, and even encouraged to do this. You catch a flow and feel unstoppable. Fairy tales can really open the door to your unconscious and absorb all your important memories, ideas and imaginings that are usually locked.
You do not have to worry that you will not be able to create something. Not all of us are destined to become writers, but all of us belong to a species of storytellers. Imagination is what makes us human and we have a right to use it more than we taught to. This gift is unique and shouldn’t be ignored. Start creating your own story without thinking that somebody will evaluate it.
4. Get the feeling of one with everything else
Fairy tales are containers of a collective unconscious. Through them, you can draw a human psychic energy from a common source.
When writing your own fairy tale, you still use recognizable patterns and characters, which show you that you are not alone. You see that something that you feel close to is important for other people as well. And that gives you a sense of normalcy, so you are not afraid of moving forward. You have probably noticed that it becomes so much easier to face your problems when you know that someone else goes through the same obstacles. And in a fairy-tale world where everything belongs to everyone, you can use whatever character you want and address many sensitive issues without taking a beat.
5. Understand your emotions
Writing fairy tales is also great for unveiling negative emotions and feelings, different obsessions, and pending issues, that take your mental energy. They are often hidden deep inside, so you might not even realize they are still there or not be able to give them names. However, using a fairy tale language you can express yourself through metaphors and symbols, and then untangle a knotted bunch of vague emotions. This is how fairy tales let you connect with the authentic you.
It is not a problem if you think that you do not remember any fairy tales. You definitely have a basic understanding of how they are constructed and that is absolutely enough. Just take a pen and imagine a character you feel connected to. Then lead him through different adventures that come your mind and observe the patterns you follow in your real life. This way you can develop a deeper awareness of their role in your life and start building your life in a more conscious way.
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