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Watch Review Casio Edifice EQB-500

The solar battery, case and bracelet are made of stainless steel, Bluetooth for setting from a smartphone - for some it sounds strange, but if you have once set up a Casio watch, you will instantly understand the beauty of this function.

Design, construction
It seems that Casio is trying to grope the right way to use Bluetooth in a normal watch. While the manufacturers of gadgets seem to be crazy about smart watches, the inventors of G-shock cross protected models with Bluetooth modules, look at the reaction of the public, move on. What have you done in Casio? Several models with event indicators on the smartphone, that is, a message has arrived, a notification appears on the small screen - it is impossible to read, but you will be notified. There was a GBA-400 model capable of controlling the player on a smartphone, activating a program for identifying tracks. Explicit experiment, but moving in the right direction.

Casio G-Shock GBA-400-1A watch overview
The thing is that Casio smart watches with Bluetooth work for a year and a half, not a day and a half, like the Apple Watch and other similar gadgets. It is very captivating. The company does not calm down and experiment further, this time not with G-shock, but with the calm Edifice ruler, beloved by white-collar workers all over the world - while you are not a top manager, you can and should wear Edifice. Classic design with sporty notes, you can see the time in two cities at once, but if you don’t need a chronograph, please buy the model with the EF-121 or EF-129 number. Reliable, simple, stylish. And inexpensive. Although a reservation is needed here, when they began to actively advertise the expensive G-shock (well, how expensive, about 100,000 rubles, in general, the basic level of Swiss watches), the public was worried. Is this some kind of “shock” for such money? How is this possible?!! Meanwhile, some models of Edifice, G-shock for the Japanese market have always cost so much - two, three, four, or even five thousand dollars (or even more). Everything depended on the materials, functionality, there were limited series. I hope that now the expensive G-shock already surprise no one - for example, the model MRG-G1000 costs about $ 2500, and it's worth it.

Casio MRG-G1000

Let's return to Casio Edifice EQB-500. Familiar with other Casio watches, the box is made of aluminum, the watches are delivered in a film - the case and the bracelet are completely glued with a film. Pay attention to this when purchasing. There are three versions of the watch: steel, as in the review, with a blue bezel, watch with a black PVD-coated. I like the silver version the most, they are smart, airy, moderately sporty, suitable for everyday wear with any clothes. And note, in the first place is Edifice, not Casio. Black dial, phosphorescent hands, time is read instantly. The date is visible, on the left - a small time dial in the second city, this is a convenient feature for travelers. About the other dials will tell later. Second hand, some indicators are painted yellow (or is it acidic green?), I like this combination. The watch is heavy, and a bracelet, and a stainless steel watch. The hull is not thin, the glass is mineral, protection against water is standard for Edifice: “Ideal for snorkeling: the watch is waterproof to 10 Bar / at a depth of 100 meters. The value of meters does not refer to the depth of immersion, but refers to the atmospheric pressure used in the process of testing for water resistance. (ISO 2281). " In general, you can safely wash your hands or take a shower right in the clock.

It was very interesting to find out about the operating time, the EQB-500 uses the CTL1616 battery along with the solar battery. When the clock is in the nightstand, they go into sleep mode and can be in it for years. As soon as he got the light, the arrows start moving, the solar battery is working. Such a hybrid food suggests that the clock is, in fact, eternal - and certainly no smart watch can match it.

The clasp of the bracelet is reliable, the fastening of the links is made with the mind, the hairs on the arm do not fall into the gaps, and, accordingly, there are no unpleasant feelings. It is likely that scratches will appear on active polished parts, but my EQB-500 looks like new. Wearing a watch every day is very convenient, and Casio's ergonomics know a lot. However, when you work on a laptop (MacBook Pro), the clock has to be removed so as not to scratch the case of the laptop. Well, I also had to remove three links from the bracelet, the supply here is very large, even if you have a big hand, the watch will sit well.

The weight of this model is 199 grams.

So the convenience of charging will be balanced with the need for water-resistance. However, since water-resistance would be important for everyday use, it would seem that using the ubiquitous USB cables would have to go. You must have seen the faces when I showed my recorded data. Since this watch is packed with features, I think we must be glad there is also a stopwatch function on board. I think that the word that describes best this watch is practicality. Smart shoppers look online for the best selection of Casio watches at really great prices. Definitely one of the tide watches for surfing that I'd recommend most often. In altimeter mode, the first minutes the display is updated every minute, but soon it goes over to one refreshment in 15 minutes. The watch I used then was my first Riseman. If you're looking for a watch with durability, style, attitude, and features galore, then look no further than Casio Baby G Shock. What’s not to love about this watch is the back LED light, it can’t light up all the dial, so sometimes it’s a little tricky to read time in the dark. It’s worth noting that the watch may look much different in other colors, Casio offers you this model with a wide range of color choices.

The Jurōjin model is a return to the origins of G-SHOCK, and is based on the DW-5750E, a model that restores high-performance functionality to the present day. Next day I went with my friend to Kyoto for 4 days. During day time it was nice warm, around 30°C. At night there was no light at all and it became very, very cold. When the topic about the cold nights were discussed again, I agreed. We slept in a tent and in the morning most people on the camping who were sleeping in tents talked about this cold at night. In the morning (December 21) I asked DJ if he could order one for me. Like the Gravitymaster, the MTG-G1000 is one of the few G-Shocks which has GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor, the system which adds GPS data to the atomic clock information for more reliable timekeeping. Besides Timekeeping Mode, you find a World Time Mode, a Data Bank Mode, an Alarm Mode, a Stopwatch Mode and a Countdown Timer Mode. Every 15 minutes it samples the current altitude and temperature until the 50 data sets are full (12.25 hours, as the start time holds 1st position). If the current altitude is not known, you can set a relative altitude, so you always know how much you ascent or descent. This might as well be the current model with optically most resemblance to the original 1983 DW-5000C. I think I rather like the whole resin bezel model. It also features a chronograph and a rotating bezel that is unidirectional. The watches are crafted with shock-resistant features throughout the design. All this was incorporated into the design and creation of the first g shock watches. The real beauty is seen when the tin is opened for the first time and the small plastic protective bag is removed. If you like the Casio G-Shock watches but, dislike the hard plastic bands your only choice has been to buy a CountyComm Mil-Shock watch UNTIL NOW! Solar powered charging: The watch face consists of a solar cell that converts available light into electricity. 1.Keep light button pressed until you see SET coming on the digital screen. Note that you always have to set your altimeter to the correct altitude before use. Instead of alarms and other audible alerts, you can choose to have the watch vibrate. 5.11 watch doesn’t support barometer, altimeter and thermometer which would make it the perfect watch for the military.

As the air pressure changes with weather, the altimeter will give different readings after weather changes. If you ascent, the air pressure decreases and vice versa. This means that the sensor output does not only change with air pressure, but also react on temperature changes. In the most accurate mode (Fly mode) this altimeter constantly samples the air pressure, and even gives alarms when the rise or fall speed is over 2 meters per second. Perhaps the standout feature of this watch is that it is 200 meters water resistant, making it ideal for diving or spearfishing. This might indicate you can use the watch for parachuting, but with the 15 minute sample frequency, I won’t recommend that. I use also Cateye altimeters. Sensor watches (and electronic altimeters) consume more energy than "just" a digital watch. Many were surprised at the battering this watch can take; whether dropped from a rock face or deep into the water, it always comes out ticking. These watches are one fashion accessory that will never go out of style, so the next time you feel the need to kick your style up a notch, take a look at Baby G watches!
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