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Kpop Editor 2Nell's Thank You Letter!

Kpoppers of Vingle! This is 2nell, your oh so lovely Kpop interest editor! I have never been good at these things, so instead of making it a sad ending, I would like to focus on the positive and the welcoming of a new era and leaders of our great community. Over the past 2-3 months our community has grown by almost 10%! We are nearing 10 thousand community members, and we are clearly just touching the tip of what we will become! There is no reason to believe otherwise, and for that I am so thankful to all of you. I am proud to have led this community in soon achieving its first milestone. I only wish that I could have been still editor when we accomplished that together, but nevertheless I will take great pride in knowing that I played a major role in that. That is my main message in this farewell message! I invite all our other great Kpoppers here in our Vingle community to partake on being able to say that you played a major role in leading our amazing community at this stage! We all know this community will become so amazing, so whether as a future editor or not, we will all play an amazing role in making it the amazing place it will be for all Kpoppers in the world. I will continue my commitment to this community, and hope to see a new era with many more leaders stepping up to lead! I will always be here for any who want to talk idols, their music, their bodies (hehehe), or anything else Kpop!!
@2Nell thanks for all the kpop, keep it up! I need news about my yg ladies ;)
@2Nell Thank you for your time and effort. :)
@amyling u r so sweet sis! I will still be here though as part of the Vingle Kpop community! @amelia of course!! Where else would I go?! XD
@2nell wow i just want to say thank you so much for dedicating so much time to helping us find a place here for kpoppers! but u will still be around yes? yes? yes? :)
sis @2nell farewell mesg? 😭😭😭😭.. . love u lots... hugs!
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