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My friends, This is boredemily, the manga Interest editor! I wanted to write this out because I wanted to thank you all for making these past 3 months some of the most fun 3 months I have ever had. As you can already tell from my epic ID, I tend to feel bored. It is not because I do not have many things to do, rather because I do not feel like I can talk to people about what I love. When I talked to people about manga, they would seem bored. If we talked about other things, I would feel bored XD! Hence, the appropriate name was chosen! Nevertheless over the past 3 months, I have really felt like I finally found a community where I can just speak my mind to people who will understand. Understand, not because they are making the effort to understand, but understand because they feel the same way. It is different, don't you think? Anyway, I really felt like I wanted to help the community that has helped me feel more open about what I love, so I became an editor. While I must admit, I could have done a better job, I do believe that I at least helped people know more about what we are trying to do. I felt proud to be able to evangelize our community to people who would appreciate having a community like this. As I said, I cannot say that I couldn't have done more, but I have learned from my mistakes and will employ those lessons to help this community grow even more in the future. I also implore any future members to please ask me any questions they may have, as I have already made many mistakes and thus take a fountain of wisdom with me XD! I look forward to meeting the future editors, and look forward to continue to seeing our community grow!
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thanks so much for your contribution! I just joined recently but I have loved the environment for anime/manga fans here! Thanks @boredemily!