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Hey all, So the NFL season is almost over, and so is my term as the NFL Interest Editor. All I can really say is that it has been an awesome ride so far. I mean this year has truly been an incredible one for the NFL! I know that only the best is to come to the NFL (dayum the Super Bowl is just around the corner!!!), but I also know that the best is also about to come for this community. I really hope that I can continue to contribute, so if anyone needs to ask me anything or reach out to me about anything, please do so. Actually if anyone just wants to talk x and o's, I'd also be really ecstatic to do so! I really hope that we get a great editor for the next quarter, as well. If the next editor is reading this, please feel free to reach out to me to ask me any questions that you may have. As always, I will be knee deep in football tape, so please keep on the lookout for my content. All the appreciation you guys give is the reason why I continue to love doing it! So please comment, clip, and give me suggestion! Thanks for everything!
everyone is excited for the playoffs! yo good job getting some killer vids for the community! hope u can convince someone to continue to put those vids during the playoffs
SoooooO excited!!
oh thanks a lot man for the effort! Btw who do u think is gonna take it this year? The Seahawks look pretty damn unbeatable this year