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Dear car connoisseurs of Vingle, As you may already know, I am merechriskang, your Car Interest editor. I wanted to write out a brief note to thank all of you for your continued support to our car community. I know that with more time and the continued support of knowledgeable car enthusiasts, such as ourselves (of course I am included), we will make this a true virtual motor city. We have already added some value people to our community, and hope to see that progress continue with the help of you all. I will, of course, for my part continue to provide the content I hope makes us reputable, and will help anyone who needs a car friend :) Your forever Vingle Car connoisseur, MereChrisKang
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Dude is that a bugatti? that is a gorgeous car! Sorry didnt mean to get distracted lol Actually I just wanted to say thanks but also do u think I can message u so we can talk about some cars? I need some advice lol
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Can I have that car? I'll give you my shipping adress or you can just drive it over.
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