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Science and Technology Award from the province

Science and Technology Award from the province and technological innovation projects to promote the General Assembly was informed that "high tech industry in Shandong Province Plan of Action for independent innovation," the recent promulgation and implementation. "Plan" to new materials, new information, new medicine, new energy for the development of key industries as the objective in order to cultivate a ten strategic high tech new industries. Ten strategic high tech emerging industries are as follows: high end electronic information, new materials, new energy, semiconductor lighting, new medicine and biology, the new digital equipment, high speed trains and new energy vehicles, shipbuilding and marine and emerging industries, integrated resource utilization and environmental protection, high tech service industry.

As a new province in energy production and use of new energy sources are listed as top ten strategic high tech new industries in Shandong are inevitable. Latest statistics show that annual production of solar water heaters, Shandong Province, breaking four million units, to promote an area of 13 million square meters, production capacity ranks first in the country and application of solar water heater industry is a world leading level.

Shandong new energy industry is developing rapidly
In recent years, insight into the development of Shandong Province for the development of renewable energy, forming a Jinan, Texas, two solar water heaters and solar vacuum tube design and manufacturing base, some leading enterprises such as power of Norit and so has a group of independent R & D core technology. According to incomplete statistics, at present a total of Shandong Province, with the solar energy industry related businesses 387 sales 31.5 billion, profits of 2.86 billion yuan, to absorb up to 10 thousand persons in employment. Among them, 271 solar water heater manufacturers, sales revenue 16.5 billion yuan, profits of 1.53 billion Yuan, to absorb up to eight thousand persons in employment. Solar energy development and utilization of the total 1.75 million tons of standard coal equivalent, a corresponding reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions by 46,000 tons and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.37 million tons.

Solar heat utilization industry in our province the reason why the development of rapid, with government support are inseparable. As early as 2006, the province issued a series of on the promotion of solar market development policies. In 2007, Shandong organize the implementation of the "Million Roof Project Sunshine", and vigorously promote the integration of solar energy application technology and architecture, and the gradual introduction of the relevant technical standards and preferential policies, and comprehensively promote the implementation of the integration of solar energy and architecture. Currently, Jinan, Yantai cities issued document, within a certain range to enforce integration of solar energy and building design and construction.

Shandong Province in 2009 annual output of solar water heater breaking four million units, to promote an area of 13 million square meters, production capacity ranks first in the country. Province recently also suggested that by focusing on the development of solar energy, wind, biomass, geothermal energy, ocean energy five new energy industries, through financial support, price support, land preferential policy, tax concessions are seven major support policies to promote new energy industry development, by 2012, new energy alternative to conventional energy sources to achieve 12 million tons of standard coal, accounting for the proportion of the province's energy consumption increased to 4%.

Efforts to increase subsidies for the implementation of low carbon economy
Shandong Province in order to further accelerate the development and utilization of new energy sources, from 2007 onwards in the province wide to promote the implementation of the "solar roofs" project to promote solar energy use, promote energy saving emission reduction. As of now, through the "solar roofs" project, Shandong solar water heater to retain reached 201.5 thousand square meters, Nissan hot 12.7 thousand tons, the annual savings of 36,000 tons of standard coal, and achieved significant economic and social benefits.

Through financial subsidies for consumers in our province means the province, three star (including the three star) The above hotels, higher education, secondary vocational education, basic education schools to install solar collector system, solar collector system for a total investment of 30%  50% of the financial subsidies, and actively promote the use of solar energy. Shandong Province in 2009 has increased the development of new energy industry's financial support for efforts in the province to raise 623 million yuan of financial funds, through the adoption of subsidies, incentives, etc., to effectively support the promotion and application of new energy technologies and industrial development, mobilization of the throughout the development of "low carbon economy" initiative. In 2009, the province's new solar water heaters 201.5 thousand square meters, annual savings of 36,000 tons of standard coal.

Since last year, Shandong efforts to promote "low carbon" living environment, a total of nearly 600 million square meters to complete energy saving, there are still more than 700 million square meters of building energy saving construction in progress. Shandong to raise 172 million funds for the effectiveness of significant financial incentives to cities Compostable Garbage Bags supplier and counties. Closely linked with the live travel, Shandong Province last year to raise a total of 73.2 million yuan funds to support the acquisition of Jinan City, hybrid, electric and fuel electric cars and other new energy sources and energy saving 400, so that more and more Springs that the public can choose "low carbon travel. "

Solar energy to help the new ice breaking low carbon economy
China is a big country of energy production and consumption, development and utilization of new energy and renewable energy sources has become China's ease the contradiction between energy supply and demand, reducing environmental pollution, an important measure to adjust the energy structure. Among the many new energy sources, solar energy as an inexhaustible, clean energy, great growth potential. At the same time solar energy with environmental protection and economic characteristics, but also determine the solar energy will have a more widespread application.

Li Norit New Energy Co., Ltd., general manager of Shin of civilization, said energy saving emission reduction is a task of society as a whole, low carbon economy is mankind's pursuit of an ideal life, while the solar energy industry since the date of the birth of this great responsibility on the shoulders. Solar energy industry is very broad space for development. But it should be noted that, at present, the development of China's solar energy industry is also faced with technical, cost and market a range of issues. The development of solar energy industry, solar energy products requires not only an increase in the number is even more necessary to ensure the quality of solar energy products based on technology and brand to achieve a breakthrough. In order to achieve large scale development of China's solar energy industry lies in technological innovation, research and development in technology, great efforts, using advanced technology, expand industrial scale to achieve solar energy products as well as the industry upgrades.

At present, many regions have identified the solar energy industry development ideas, objectives and policy measures. Such as in Shandong through subsidies and enforcement of policies to promote the combination of solar energy and architecture, etc., only the scientific planning, full use of local natural resources, to play the advantages of technology and talents in order to vigorously promote sound and rapid development of solar energy short, the current development of China's solar energy industry is facing a rare opportunity, advocate energy saving, low carbon economy, the global context, contains a huge opportunity for development and market space; in the relevant policies and regulations of the promotion, development and utilization of solar energy into the a rapid stage of development, the human yearning for low carbon life has is coming.