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China Professional manufacturer

As a new generation of smart intercom, the R29C/R29S has unprecedented power.
●7-inch large touch screen
● Anti-spoofing face liveness detection
● Premium audio and video quality
● Real-time entrance monitoring
● Remote door opening
● Multiple access methods
● Android 5.1/SIP/ONVIF/Wiegand/PoE/IP65

Here you can clearly identify the people you visit, whether you are friends or strangers. Even at night, with automatic lighting and high-definition camera, it’s easy to monitor the gate area, giving you peace of mind and ensuring a safer facility. Suitable for a variety of locations, offices, buildings, apartments, communities, etc.
Smart indoor monitor is equipped with a video emergency solution, and Akuvox’s cloud system simplifies the process from internal communication system setup to daily operation and maintenance. All services can be completed remotely.
What’s more,today in our society, together with the comprehensive application of the “Three Musketeers” mobile APP smart plus, you can pay attention to the dynamics of your home anytime, anywhere.
The world is at your feet and it is safe in your hands. The R29C/R29S is a smart door phone in the field of security. Akuvox is a professional butler who is reassuring!