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New Rumored SM Collab Group Consisting of EXO, SHINee, & NCT Members!!

It has been reported that SM is creating a collab group consisting of these SM idols. According to the reports this group will not be a unit but an actual group that’ll make comebacks following their debut. Of course they’ll always have obligations to their own groups foremost.

Taemin (SHINee)

Kai (EXO)

Baekhyun (EXO)

Taeyong (NCT)

Ten (NCT)

Lucas (NCT)

Mark (NCT)

SM responded to the reports and clarified “an official statement regarding these reports (of the collab) will be made on August 8th.” So look forward to seeing if this is true or not! I, for one am excited! I think this’ll be amazing! Each member has such a strong stage present that I think they’ll work good together!
I saw this! I'm kind of excited!
I’m super excited!
Did you know on Instagram, Twitter and other social media some people are not supportive. And I think it crazy. if you really love and support this groups separately. You should love and support them together. LOVE AND SUPPORT ALL THE WAY.
Yes I’ve seen that. I hate that people aren’t being supportive and it’s for the dumbest reasons too. I personally think this group will be extremely successful it the reports are true.
@Halsyeon @Tiffiedannie Right! And what they also don't know is that not being supportive is just gonna negatively impact our faves regardless of if you like the idea or not. I think this'll be one heck of a group. Too many people are making statements about something they barely have info on and even one of the K-pop Billboard journalists said that she thinks we should wait for August 8 for more info since she is hearing things that are CONTRADICTORY to what she knows about it. I don't know when stans will stop looking like boo boo the fool...
@kpopayisyen I just wish people would stop hating on the dumbest shit. Like recently it feels like fans get pissed off at everything. It’s getting annoying. I will support all of them no matter what SM reports on the 8th.
This reminds me of the old days with sm the ballad and sm the performance
I agree I feel the same!
i am very hyped. <3
Me too!
So excited!!!!!
Me too!
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