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@yinofyang I think you might want to take a look at this! This is definitely a great video that captures some of the best fights but also some of the saddest moments, like Ace's death :(
Ah, man. This brings back so many memories. I seriously am contemplating going back and re-watching it all. I have restarted the manga a couple of times. Awww, this is so awesome. I love the all the different orchestral pieces used for the video. ヽ( ^^)人(^^ )ノ
@yinofyang it is absolutely beautifully made but actually u havent rewatched them? I do that all the time haha especially the part when robin screams that she wants to live, and luffy tells usopp to burn down the flag
@n3xt That was definitely one of the best, when the flag gets burned. I should say that I have seen the series a couple of times, but I re-watch certain parts whenever the mood strikes. :D