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Banded butterflyfish - Chaetodon striatus: are usually seen swimming in pairs and is one of the numerous species of butterflyfish found on Caribbean reefs. The Banded Butterflyfish is an easy going species that gets along well with other reef fish. Striking in its contrasting beauty, it has a deep, thin, somewhat disc-shaped body, with a concave forehead and short snout. The coloration of juveniles and adults can be quite different. Juveniles have large, ringed black spot at the base of the dorsal fin, four vertical body bars, with an overall body color of brownish-yellow instead of the white that adults have as a base. A peaceful fish, Banded Butterflyfish are most commonly found alone or in pairs, in shallow waters around coral reefs. Most active during the day, and sleeping at night, they seek shelter in the evening, as they are highly vulnerable to larger predators.