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Smart door phone at the corner

The smart door phone has been widely adopted by residential projects of different sizes worldwide,communities in Asia,apartment buildings in North American,single-family homes in Europe...

It guards the doorway with a small posture, checks visitors and also has an automatic alarm system, which can respond well to emergencies.Emergency Intercom Solution,don't worry about it.

In this era of technological development, Akuvox's mobile phone APP meets the modern living standard. Video intercom with mobile app , calling and door unlocking can be solved through SMARTPLUS . Even if you are in a different place, you can also have the convenience similar to your home.

Like providing a virtual key, by cloud-based Intercom solution,you can grant permission to anyone you want, and if installed in the community, you can have a secure apartment-style linkage with unhindered communications.

SIP intercom system and smart Indoor Unit,One master inside, one master outside, open the door of the intelligent world, enjoy the wisdom of family life.

Safety , in your hands. Akuvox , around the corner.