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Self-care: Skincare Routine
Hello fam! Taking care of your outside is a part of self care. Skin care is not only good practice or hygiene, but can help reduce stress with the time and quality of products that you use. I will share my updated skin care routine. FYI my skin type is dry and sensitive. 1. Music I always have to play some music and groove when I take care of my skin. As ya know I'm either rocking out to BTS or some rock band! 2. Products for Day Time: Real Cica Micellar Cleansing Foam and Drunk Elephant Protini Moisturizer This cleanser is super gentle and so silky. It does have a super light scent. This does not dry out my skin.I purchased my on Amazon. It's under 20 bucks and a little goes a long way. I use this in the morning. This is expensive!!! I will say about $65 bucks USA coins. However, a little goes a long way and the formula is like hydrating your skin with silk. This is light weight but super hydrating. Great to apply before make up as well. 3. Night Time Products: Biore Witch Hazel Pore Clarifying Cooling Cleanser, Real Cica Essense Pads, and Dr. Jart Ceramidin This cooling gel cleanser gives me life and soothes my skin at night time. It feels so relaxing. Make sure not to leave in skin for too long if you have sensitive skin. These pads claim to be a light skin peel. I will say that it does soften my skin, reduces irritation and or inflammation, and leaves skin supple with a glow. You can purchase these on Amazon too. This moisturizer has so many natural ingredients and does have a lemon scent. This is thicker but super hydrating. This does help reduce irritation as well. This did cost about $35 bucks. 4. Makeup face: Take the day off Cleansing Milk For my make up I double cleanse. I use this Cleansing Milk followed by either or wash and my night time moisturizer. This was $25 at Ulta. Sorry folks I know I should use spf but I don't. I used to use this sun blocker but it ended up breaking me out after 6 months of using it.
Disney Princesses Singing In Their Native Languages
English is not the native tongue of Disney Princesses. Everyone has grown up with Disney Princesses because they are the most innocent form of childhood entertainment. With the fantastic movies comes even better songs which make them so appealing. Your infatuation with them carries on into adulthood and before you know it, you're sitting in your living room watching the movies singing along with your own children. Crazy right? Well, here's the thing, English is the default language, not the native one. All Disney Princesses have come from other countries other than Pocahontas who was a Native American in North America (present day USA). It brings up a really interesting change because when you watch the Disney movies in their native languages, it has an entirely new meaning because it's authentically and historically correct. Disney Americanizes our movies through using English and we forget that languages play a huge role in presenting emotions, interactions, conversations, and without a doubt, our singing. One of the biggest trends on the internet is hearing a Disney Princess sing her hit song with her own native finesse instead of a defaulted English one. Enjoy and really take notice on the differences in emphasis and fluidity of the lyrics. Because of changed language, the songs also have different lyrics to fit the melody which slightly alters the song even if it has a similar universal meaning. Disney is genius. What do you think?
a series of unfortunate events
I did 6 months in jail and got out Dusty got locked up a month before I go out so I had to wait for him to get out I didn't have any where to go. I was on my Facebook and seen my mom's ex boyfriend's brother online (I hadn't seen/spoken to him because he did 5 years in prison so I've known him since I was 8 but I'm not really related to him) Ronnie was my mom's best friend and she went in the truck with him for couple months when she was on the run so I called him thinking he would help me and in the end he was supporting me and my habbit and I was laying down for him. Just because I needed someone to take care of me, I was homeless on the run and addict. He had been out of prison for a little less than a year and I was the first since he'd been out and the dumb ass fell in love and wanted to take be away to Iowa and get in the big truck and take me all over the United States and show be everything I'd probably never get the chance to see but that's after Dusty died but Ronnie took to Dusty that day and I told Dusty everything that happened and what made him mad was I should have gotten a message to him because he would have ran from keisel to be with me but I just waited 7 moths to finally see him again he is the love of my life he is my heart my soul. we spent the night fighting on and off we kissed we love. long story short he was laying down on my lap I could tell he did too much idk what else to do but I knew I needed to keep him close to me I knew I needed to stay right there with him I was starting to get tired so I texted Ronnie and I asked him to come bring me something to wake me up and he wouldn't bring me anything because I wouldn't go outside and get it I was trying to send Curty outside but Ronnie wouldn't do it you could tell I wasn't going to be able to stay awake because the texts made no sense in the end random letter all fucked up butI took a picture of me and Dusty shortly before I fell asleep he was snoring really loud. it was around 11am when I took the picture, it was around 8 at night when I woke up and he's been dead for hours. when I woke up I looked at him and I could tell something was wrong he wasn't movining I went into full-blown panic mode I started trying to flip them over which is really hard and I was screaming his name and I've never hit anybody in the face before so how she slapped him hard as fuck 3 * I can still hear my own voice and that blood curdling scream saying his name and you wouldn't wake up I ran upstairs I got Curty and I said Dusty's dead he told me to leave I called Ronnie and be picked me up I watched the ambulance drive I called my grandma and I told her to call both hospitals and find out what one Dusty went to and when she called back she told me he's not either one because they took him straight to the morgue because he been dead so long so I left home for the first time in my life left everything behind it was terrifying trying to process Dusty on top going through the hardest withdraw I've ever been through I was the biggest fucking cunt to Ronnie I was the most miserable bitch for DAYS I called him every name in the book the worst but he took it willingly because he knew I didn't mean it I was just in a lot of pain. So we lived in the basement of his old boss the guy who taught Ronnie to drive semi truck and it was a long drawn out process of getting the cdl in the time it took him to do that we faught like an old married couple I hated him he did everything for me tho made my food washed my clothes and I was mean and I hated the fact I had to have sex with him I hated it so one time I didn't shower for 10 straight days just so I didn't have to. But he finally gets a job he has to go to Fargo SD for orentation only thing he asked if me was to just stay home don't go to Omaha please and he was only gone for a week and I ended up sneaking Ryan in the basement and we hooked up (Ryan was the guy we started getting dope from) I then took off and was in Omaha with Ryan for 3 days it Fucking broke his heart but I left and moved in with Ryan but Ryan is a whole different story but the simplest way to explain it is he is technically still married with 5 kids playing both sides of the field. Telling me him and Cara were done but yet going home and trying to work his marriage out but he did that to me for 5 month a lot happened in those 5 months but we lost the apartment lived with his friend Don they had a falling out so I was technically homeless he wasn't he has him and Cara house so EVERYTHING I owe was in his truck because we just moved out of dons then one night we get pulled over and long story short now Ryan's in jail he's an asshole with control issues the cops were nice enough to let me take the truck because I would have lost everything I own if they impounded it I was living in the vehicle but Ryan had no control over where I was going and that made him mad so he told be to take it to his grandma's in 2 hours or else he was going to report it stolen yeah he sure loved me takes the only thing I have to survive so now he's gone im all alone with no family (besides Ronnie) I can't go anywhere I'm homeless I can't get a job because im still working on getting my ID I don't have any where to live so I bounce from place to place because I can't stay in one place too long I don't want to overstay my welcome and they might think I have to fuck them because I'm there like I owe my pussy to then. EVERYWHERE I GO (except the guy I want to, where a majority of my stuff is) I have someone thinking about trying to or forcing me to have sex with them. I hope it's not hard to see why I hurt myself and why I'm suicidal more often than not.
This DIY Deadpool Pizza Is Pepperoni Perfection.
Chances are, if your friends are anything like my friends, everyone has yet to shut up about the new 'Deadpool' movie - so much so that I think it's safe to say that this month was definitely a Deadpool takeover. And thanks to this epic Deadpool pizza tutorial, your love affair with all things Deadpool is still officially far from over. If you thought his thing for good food begins and ends with chimichangas, think again. Here's what you need to make a Deadpool pizza of your own: - Pizza dough (The vlogger in the YouTube embedded below will show you how to make dough from scratch, or you can be like me and just buy the premade stuff.) - 1 jar of pizza sauce (I think so long as you've got at least a cup, it's enough.) - 1 package of shredded mozzarella (The 16-ounce package, so roughly 2 cups.) - 2 - 4 slices of mozzarella (This is for the eyes. Feel free to switch it up with provolone!) - 1 can of sliced black olives (I know some of you don't like olives, so if you can think of an equally delicious substitute to create his trademark black eyes, sub it here.) - 1 package of sliced pepperoni (Roughly 6 - 8 ounces should do!) Ready? Here we go. So first, you're going to preheat your oven to 450F. Then it's time to get that dough nice and spread out on your pizza pan, using a spoon to spread the pizza sauce all around the center of the pie. (Just, you know, leave the ends alone so you have a crust later. Pizza without crusts are super weird.) Next, you want to cover all of your sauce with some shredded mozzarella cheese. Don't skimp because this is going to help the pepperoni stay fixed to the pizza when you bake! Now it's time to layer on all of that pepperoni. Starting from the outside, work your way inward in a circular motion, laying the pepperoni down slice by slice. (If this isn't the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, you're in the wrong card. Dat pepperoni.) So in the video, she uses a teardrop-shaped cookie cutter to the primary shape before slicing it down the middle to create two eyes. I know I don't have teardrop cookie cutters at home, and you probably don't either, so feel free to use a knife to (carefully!) create the shape yourself! Now it's time to use the sliced olives to finish Deadpool's face. Keeping everything looking as symmetrical as possible during this step is key. Lay down your slices of olive similarly to how you laid down your pepperoni, and FINISH HIM!!! Throw him (gently) into the oven, and leave him there for about 10 - 15 minutes - or until he's nice and golden. Don't worry. It's Deadpool. He can take the heat. And there you have it: a Deadpool pizza - warm and gooey, just how you like him! For more specific instruction, check out Rosanna Pansino's full Nerdy Nummies tutorial in the YouTube above! And for more viral vids, follow my YouTube Nation collection! So who's going to try this out this weekend? (And more importantly, who's going to save me a slice?!)