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[Event] Photography Contest

Don't you guys have any 'photos' that you wanted to show off!?

There's no restrictions! Just show us your favorite things you have captured on camera! (ex. when you first visited Europe, favorite concerts, pictures of celebs, photograpy, anthing you want!)

This is my last IN-N-OUT I ate in California!! :) I personally love In-N-Out Burgers...I miss cheese burger so much <3

Show off your best snaps to your Vingle friends :)

The ferris wheel from Kdramas I so desperately wanted to ride, but it wasn't running. I took this from a different ride.
@soobak Yes. She and I were having a little too much fun as I was taking photos.
@JaxomB omg cute tongue lol
Ottawa ! The Capital of Canada
@Bumble cant believe it isn't a drawn picture..... it's so pretty..
Chandler's Cove in Seattle, WA. Photo taken by me using a Galaxy S9+ with a wide Rhinosheild lens attached.
Wow... galaxy.. I thought it was took by a photographer. You can actually attach lenses on the phone?? 😲
How about this? Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, US
Landscape photos are always so calming...✨🙏
@mikayla this..
this is actually my friend.....seeing BTS in Hawaii!!!!!!