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Different Window Options For Your Home

Every home is beautiful, but it becomes even better when it has a meticulously designed infrastructure. Be it the ceiling or floor, doors or windows, every little thing adds an architectural character to a home. Windows are not only essential for ventilation and for illuminating the interiors, but also reflect the personality of the homeowners. Today, there are plenty of window designs available in the market that you can pick from and add to the appearance of your home.

Window Designs for Home

Windows are a major decorative element in every home. Choosing the right window style is very important, as you have to live with it for years. Here are a few popular window designs that will help enhance the look of your house:

Sliding Windows

For those who want to add a traditional touch to their homes, sliding windows are the perfect options. They generally have two or more sashes fitted with rollers at the base in order to ease the sideways mechanism. Further, the tracks and hurricane bars offer protection from heavy rains and speedy winds.

Corner Windows

This type of windows is the best option where a maximum amount of light is needed. They are positioned on two adjacent facades of a room and building and have their window glass meeting on the edge of the surface. They offer maximum interior light to enable visibility and uninterrupted exterior views, especially when they are of a full height, as that of the room.

Casement Windows

The sash on these windows is hinged to the frame on an outer front. They open outward to either the left or right like a door, offering a maximum unparalleled view of outside. Plus, they can be bent at angles that enable the breeze to blow into the room. They either have a top-hung, bottom-hung, side-hung sash or a combination of all.

Tilt and Turn Window

This design is perfect for someone who does not want grills or bars on their windows. These glass windows are easy-to-clean and are available in various uPVC designs. Also, they make for excellent emergency exits.

Skylight Window

These windows are an excellent choice for allowing fresh air and maximum natural light into your dwelling through the roof. Furthermore, they also add an elegant and stylish look to the house.

Bay Window

Although the design of these windows is traditional, they are the best choice for adding a versatile touch to a home. These windows include three or more spaces projecting out from the main wall to create a bay in the room.
This type of windows is commonly known as a fixed window. These windows are stationary and cannot be opened. They are an excellent choice for places that demand a large amount of light. These windows offer unhindered exterior views and allow maximum natural light into the room. Plus, they add an elegant and stylish look to your home.

Availability of a large number of window designs in the market, along with choices in window glass, makes it a little tough to choose windows for homes. Once fixed, they cannot be replaced easily as that would require a lot of architectural changes in the building. Hence, it is necessary to select the right window designs to create homes that will never go out of fashion.