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Rain to Turn Dangerously Hot in “30 SEXY”
Korean pop star Rain is ready to what “30 SEXY” is next week. Rain rolled out the teaser image of his upcoming title tune “30 SEXY” through his official Twitter account and his agency CUBE DC’s official Facebook page and Twitter account Monday noon Korea time. http://www.tenasia.com/archives/76308
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@MasriDaniela ..okkkkkk, what about be chingus ahhhh, im just said, if you see it , online or tv, just write in here ..then I got it later, and anyway its not too much sacrifice, @christy ..I'LL count with you ok..we always looking vingle, even in the church or funeral...all the time.....hahahaha
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@MasriDaniela ok sis Will try to be ur alarm u both @tyta468
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@tyta468 hhhhhhh i told was a joke ....to make u be happy not sad .....chiomal will be your alarm ...be happy sis ....pls and thanks @christy
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@MasriDaniela ..im ok..sis, just sometimes i'm out of cover area, some I can't got my notifications..but appreciate it ok..chingus forever. .gomawa
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oaaaaaaaa .......oaaaaaaa oaaaaaa .....
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