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omg! this is so cute <3
@soobak Thank You :)
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You'll Never Guess What People Eat At The Movies Across The Globe
Yuck. There are hundreds of countries around the world sitting in movie theaters across the globe. One big difference is the food they eat while in the audience. From dried bugs to salted candies, world customs really have their own distinct palette. Though Americans believe there's nothing in the world that could be better than a nice bag full of buttery popcorn, they are in for a huge surprise. Check out the movie theater snacks from around the world. You're going to be shocked. USA: Salted, Buttery, Popcorn It's crunchy. It's addicting. It's SO American. Popcorn is a very traditional snack without a ton of calories...that is, if you don't drench it in a pool of butter and salt. Popcorn has had a long standing reservation in our culture, primarily since corn is such in abundance within our country. We've muti-purposed corn to be just about anything but popcorn is still our favorite creation. Just remember, a small popcorn won't get you through intermission. A large popcorn will make you feel fat. But who cares, right? Great Britain: Sugared Popcorn Why am I not surprised that Great Britain would have a seamlessly more proper snack? Compared to American, the Brits always seem to do the exact opposite. From my personal view, I just don't understand the thrill of sugary popcorn. However then again, kettle corn and caramel corn is a huge success in the States. Brits are notorious for their bitter drinks such as coffee and tea paired with a very decadent and sweet dessert. I guess it's only fitting, pinkies up. Japan: Iwashi Senbei The first idea that popped into your mind was probably not that these are sardine rice crackers. The crisps are baked in sugar and soy sauce to give them their distinct taste. Rice is a very traditional food within the country so it's no surprise it is a snack as well. And with Japan being a very dependent country on its seafood industry, it's obvious that a leading snack brand would be fish based. Still interesting. Brazil: Roasted Ants Okay GROSS. As an American, I will never understand the love for eating bugs. We get it, they are packed with a ton of protein and have a nice crunch. But it's so taboo in American culture. On the other hand, Brazilians loves them. It's an aphrodisiac, or food that stimulates sexual desire, which could be the reason for why Brazilians are such a fan. Talk about a passive aggressive way to show your date that you want to hook up. Norway: Dried Reindeer Meat Somewhere in the North Pole, Santa is crying. This food seems so fitting though for the region. Reindeer meat is cut and then dried for a chewy taste. Very similar to beef jerky in the States. Reindeer meat boasts very low fat and high protein. However, I can't seem to feel sympathy for Rudolph & his gang once they find out that the Norwegians are snacking on their friends. Guess Norway is going to become the land of misfits toys soon enough... South Korea: Dried Cuttlefish I guess this goes hand in hand with popcorn in the Asian nation. With a meaty texture and briny flavor, apparently South Koreans can't get enough. It can be seasoned in a variety of flavors. Though they're also fans of roasted chestnuts, dried cuttlefish still frequently comes out as the fan favorite. I still don't know what a cuttlefish is. Russia: Beluga Caviar This is reserved for the rich and only the rich but a very common wealthy delicacy. Though the average folk may not be accustomed to eating the beluga caviar themselves, they know exactly who is receiving it when they attend the movie theater. Apparently movies in Russia are a more fancy affair, something Americans and other world countries would gawk at. With Russia being known to have extreme customs, this one tops the cake. Greece: Souvlaki Okay, this looks delicious. Lamb or beef souvlaki will be a fit for an Grecian attending an outdoor movie. They're tender and savory and it's already making my mouth water. Grecians are notorious for having the best food in the world and it's no surprise that their movie theaters also come with a wide delicious variety of choices. Please fly me to Greece because I'm starving. Netherlands: Salty Licorice This could be the most hated snack in America. Black licorice is a very distinct taste that very few people enjoy. In America, our black licorice contains a lot of sugar. However in the Netherlands, they salt their licorice with ammonium chloride which gives eaters a tongue-numbing sensation. Is this candy a drug? No thank you. India: Samosas This is my favorite. Look how good that looks! Bollywood theaters are all the rage in India far more popular than any Western movie. Samosas are potato stuffed pastries that taste as good as they look. With Bollywood movies comes a delicious combo of chutney and cheese sandwiches and vada pav, potato fritters in a bread bun. I could definitely ship this idea in the USA.
Children who grow up with pets become more sensitive and sympathetic adults!
Contact with animals gives children a greater sense of responsibility, enhances empathy and increases their understanding of the cycle of life. But Why? Several studies show how children who live with pets have a more developed emotional intelligence (EI), i.e. the ability of effectively understand, manage, and express one’s feelings and interpreting those of others. This is considered to be a key factor for a better quality of life. Unlike the intelligence quotient (IQ), which experts consider to be unalterable, the emotional intelligence can progress with time, through practice. Animals can help children do this. Here are the benefits our four-legged friends can have on our kids. 1. Empathy Children living with pets early learn to take care and feed another creature, initially by observing their parents, storing up all elements they will use in every future interaction with animals. Several studies demonstrate that children who own pets feel more empathy towards other people and animals. 2. Self-esteem Taking care of animals necessarily entails responsibilities, which give children a sense of personal fulfilment and help them feeling independent and competent. Nienke Endenburg and Ben Baarda, authors of the book The Waltham Book of Human–Animal Interaction, reports an experiment in which children with low self-esteem showed great progresses after they spent 9 months with a pet in their classroom. 3. Cognitive development Spending time with pets can ease the acquisition of language and improve oral competences in children. They don’t only play with animals, but also talk to them and often read stories in their presence. Moreover, “conversing” with animals helps children fighting stutter. 4. Stress reduction Animals offer a unique emotional support, and are able to weaken negative feelings. During a research children were asked to tell who they would talk to if they find themselves in a spot, and most of them mentioned their own pets. Effectively, we often feel unconditionally supported by them, whilst other people would judge and criticise certain situations. What do you think?
http://eiga.com/news/20151030/8/2/2/ http://www.fashion-press.net/news/19892 「シザーハンズ」 「ナイトメア・ビフォア・クリスマス」 「フランケンウィニー」 などを手がけたあの奇才のナプキンアートが発売になる。 常にペンを持ち歩き、インスピレーションやアイディアが浮かんだ時にすぐにナプキンに記録をするというティム・バートン、この画集を見れば彼の脳内を見ているような感覚を得ることであろう。 12/4からヴィレッジヴァンガードにて発売されるので要チェックだ。 【書籍情報】 画集『ナプキンアート・オブ・ティム・バートン』(The Napkin Art of Tim Burton) 発売日:2015年12月4日(金) ※10月30日(金)より、一部店舗およびオンラインストアにて予約受付がスタート 価格:3,000円(税込) 販売店舗:ヴィレッジ・ヴァンガード独占販売(オンライン&店舗) アートワーク:ティム・バートン デザイン:ホリー・ケンフ 編集:ホリー・ケンフ、リア・ガロ サイズ:15.24cm × 15.24cm ページ数:140ページ(2ページの折り込み) <予約受付店舗> ■宮城 仙台ロフト ■東京 立川ルミネ、ブルービート、上野マルイ、新宿マルイアネックス、高円寺、渋谷宇田川、三軒茶屋、高田馬場、町田路面、自由が丘、お茶の水 ■神奈川 横浜ルミネ ■大阪 阪急三番街、アメリカ村 ■京都 京都西院 ■兵庫 三宮 ■広島 広島サンモール、イオンモール広島府中、フジグラン神辺、広島段原SC、イオンモール広島祇園、フジグラン東広島、フジグラン緑井、リム・ふくやま、ゆめタウンみゆき、ゆめタウン大竹、ゆめタウン呉 ■愛知 名古屋中央、刈谷、岡崎、瀬戸、イースト、高蔵寺 ■三重 松阪 ■岡山 イオン津山、イオンモール倉敷 ■鳥取 イオン米子駅前、イオン日吉津、イオン鳥取北、ゆめタウン出雲、イオン松江 ■山口 239おのだサンパーク、ゆめタウン宇部、ゆめタウン南岩国、ゆめシティ下関、イオンタウン防府(ほうふ) ■香川 高松アッシュ、イオン高松、イオン綾川、ゆめタウン高松、ゆめタウン丸亀 ■愛媛 イオンモール新居浜、エミフルMASAKI、パルティフジ衣山、フジグラン重信、フジグラン今治、イオンモール高知、フジグラン高知 ■徳島 フジグラン石井、フジグラン北島、ゆめタウン徳島、徳島クレメントプラザ ■福岡 FREAKS福岡パルコ