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What Should You Not Do At a Football Game?

Are you planning to attend a football game? If you are visiting an NFL or a major college game
it can be a lifetime event. Even if you are going for NFL betting, here are a few things that you must not do:

1-Taking Laptop Along With You

No matter which sporting concert or event you attend, you should refrain from taking your laptop there. There is absolutely no reason to carry a laptop at the football game. Instead, be present there and enjoy the game.

2- Drinking in Excess

If you have ever attended a football game, you are likely going to come across a fan who drinks in excess. However, it makes the game less enjoyable than it would otherwise be.

If you are drinking in excess and are unable to cope with the noise and the temperature conditions, you might end up emptying the content in the stadium in itself which is neither good for you nor for the other viewers around you.

3-Getting Into Brawls

It is another thing that happens often in the game. In most case, the fight taking place is a result of excessive drinking or exhaustion due to standing in the sun. It is not an excuse to get in fights and it should never happen in the football game.

4-Removing Clothes

There is no visible reason to go shirtless and you should only in there is a great body paint that you want to display. But still, that’s not a great reason to take out the clothes.

You will surely not want to sit through the game on a hot day with a sweaty and cloth less body. There are many who remove their clothes even in very low temperatures.


If you do that it never ends well. Those who are mindless to do that end up taking hit with the security at the stadium or from the players in the field.

You will surely end up getting in jail or worse may be banned from the stadium for life. It never gets you the attention that you are looking for desperately.

6-Throwing Things in Field

It does not need any explanation. But it does happen at regular intervals. No matter how bad the coaches, players or the team is there is no reason to do that.

In the End

Even if you are indulging in live NFL betting these things are strictly no-no!
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