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NCT Had A Cameo in this Movie but you missed it. . .

Hello beautiful NCTzen all around. How are you doing today? Good I hope. I hope your day/night is good!

I found a video, a great video.
NCT makes cameos in Twilight. It's so funny and honestly these are two minutes of my life that are great. I disliked Twilight, so I was like "lord no" when I saw the name. BUT this was golden and I loved it.

The ending with Chenle is 100% approved by me. .

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this man was just eating his sandwich
Right like "you got problems? I don't. I'm munching on my sammich." his face sold it
brooooo who did this😭😭😭
I didn't watch all of it
it's funny 😂
I'll rewatch it now