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HAHA! And this what happened! :)) As the MC, Kim Woo Bin is to give the awards to Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. CTO
Still, am glad that is over. But, having that emptiness feeling n wondering will there be another quite like the Heirs, with all the tall, good looking, sweetness gals & guys to make my day ever so bright....
ahhh right. Since many people really anticipate that Heirs couple shall win this award, they gave it to them. But, I'm more attached to Master's Sun couple, Joong Won and TaeYang <3
Probably due to the amass popularity and being such a yuppie couple in today generation. True Master sun couple could be one of the best but guess they favor the senior kind.
@irelis27 I so agree with you on this point :( I like the the show and felt they looked cute in Hiers which I feel was over rated ....... But Masters Sun really!!!! should have got it I feel kind of a let down that they didn't :(
cute! But I disagree... I think it shouldve been Masters Sun couple!!