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This is probably the best news anyone could have imagined to ring in the new year. Colorado will make history on New Year's Day when it becomes the first state to allow special stores to sell marijuana for recreational purposes to anyone age 21 or older. As many as 30 stores throughout Colorado will be able to start selling recreational weed, but it's uncertain how many will open on the holiday, said marijuana advocates and state officials. I think we're seeing a paradigm shift where the United States is moving to where any smart country should be! Letting people take responsbility for their own choices (or at least the insignificant ones hahaha). Hopefully I'll still be an editor next term!
So the same illegal operation
Will people just buy from those with medical cards once the novelty wears off?
I can't wait to see how much Colorado will get form taxes after this year!
not from me, but someone on here im sure
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