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How to Enjoy Seoul Night Life

Seoul at night is a pulsing, breathing, living thing of beauty full of sparkly lights, noisy restaurants and crowds of people. She literally never goes to sleep, and the options are endless!!

Time Lapse of Seoul
(1) hiking in Seoul at night

Seoul Fortress Wall

Seoul Bukhansan (Mt.Bukhan)

(2) Seoul Night Market - Gwangjang Market / Bam Dokkebi Yashijang

Seoul Bandokkaebi Market

(3) night view at a Hangang Park

There are 12 separate (but connected) Hangang Parks lining the Han River in Seoul. Your best bets for an incredible view of Seoul at night are at Banpo Hangang Park, and Yeouido Hangang Park.

For a unique experience, I recommend cycling between the Hangang Parks, and checking out Seoul’s night views along the way.

(4) Namsan View
From the top of Mount Namsam, you’ll have panoramic views of Seoul below you, and the N Seoul Tower above you!

(5) Lottelworld Tower Night View (Located @Jamsil Station)

Enjoy the night life in Seoul and your vacation <3

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