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Lee Min Ho recently won the male high excellence award for his performance in “The Heirs” at the “2013 SBS Drama Awards” hosted by Lee Bo Young, Lee Hwi Jae, and Kim Woo Bin. The other nominees for the medium-length drama male high excellence award were Kang Ji Hwan from “Incarnation of Money,” Go Soo from “Empire of Gold,” and Kwon Sang Woo from “Queen of Ambition.” Lee Min Ho had won the male high excellence award at the “SBS Drama Awards” for the past two years, in 2011 for “City Hunter,” and in 2012 for “Faith.” With his award this year, he has received his third male high excellence award three years running. During his acceptance speech, he said, “Last year I said I had wanted to do a drama that was loved. This year I was able to attend this award ceremony as a part of a drama that was loved even more than me, which makes me absolutely happy.” Congratulations, Lee Min Ho~!
you're the best of the best Lee Min Ho...<3<3<3
good job.oppa.