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While filming for “The Suspect,” Gong Yoo had the opportunity to experience filming abroad. During his interview with fashion magazine, @Star1, Gong Yoo talked about his experience. “I was very surprised when many people recognized me in Puerto Rico. I don’t know how they found out about the filming, but local fans came out to the set at dawn. I heard they watched “Coffee Prince,” and “Silenced” through VOD. Even the staff was surprised from the unexpected welcoming. They began treating me a little bit differently,” he said as he laughed. He also revealed, “Actually, the local production team who helped with the filming of ‘The Suspect’ asked if I would be interested in entering the industry in the U.S. I told them if they offer me something, I’m there. As far as I know, there have been talks from company to company after we returned to Korea, but nothing specific has been decided.” Meanwhile, Gong Yoo displayed his gentle image along with his manly charm simultaneously at the photo shoot. His charming pictorial and honest interview is available on the January issue of @Star1 magazine. Click here to read what he revealed about his love life.