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“Hot Blooded Youth” film co-stars Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young were asked to rate their on-screen couple chemistry. At a press conference held at the Seoul Lotte Cinema on December 30, Lee Jong Suk rated his on-screen couple chemistry with fellow actress Park Bo Young. The actor surprisingly gave them a low score of “50 points” out of 100. He explained, “I was always in the same place as Park Bo Young, but the truth is we’re still not that close. It’s a shame, since we’re the same age and all.” On the other hand, Park Bo Young gave their couple chemistry a rather high score of 80 (out of 100). “I bet there’s going to be a lot of headlines today saying, ‘They’re still not that close.’ Can I give us another score?” the actress offered jokingly. “We had fewer scenes together than I anticipated. I was generous with my score.” “Hot Blooded Youth” centers on the lives of high school students who navigate through friendship, romance and family life back in the early 1980’s in Heongseong, Korea. Source (1)