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Way to escape from traveler's Hanoi

Traveler's Hanoi

Looking at so many foreign travelers traveling Hanoi, a schedule of 10 to 9 seems to stay nearby Hoan Kiem Lake , take a day tour to Ha Long Bay one day, breakfast or lunch at "Pho Gia Truyen," also known as the most famous pho restaurant, and beer on the in the evening on the Tha Hien street. When I went to Hanoi on a family trip 10 years ago, I traveled with the same schedule. But now, 10 years later, I introduce my friends to a slightly different course. This course provides a glimpse of the life of the local Vietnamese.

Traveler's Hanoi vs Local Hanoi

If you want to feel Hanoi for locals, I recommend you to go from Lotte Tower to the opposite direction of Hoan Kiem Lake. The National Theater of Vietnam and Hanoi National University are also located opposite Lotte Tower. If the district from Lotte Tower to Hoan Kiem Lake is a kind of traveler's boundary, the opposite is where the locals' living.

You can feel the scent of Vietnam just by walking or riding a motorcycle early in the morning or around Kim ma Street in the evening without going to a specific place. Just like travelers traveling Buddhist countries, get up early to see morning air, if you want to see the morning appearance of Vietnamese locals, they can go near Lotte Tower early in the morning to see variously dressed people(ao dai) spread out to schools, workplaces, and markets. To give you a tip, I recommend you go up to the overpass and take a picture while watching a motorcycle. Compared to taking pictures on the road, the photo can be captured in a three-dimensional way.

A local restaurant
The next restaurant I will introduce is located beyond this Lotte Tower. This place, which is not far from Lotte Tower and can go on foot or use a taxi with the basic fare. it usually open to Vietnamese locals, so the price is not too expensive and the amount is abundant.

The first restaurant is one that is almost impossible to see foreigners. The restaurant, located on the other side of the National Theater, serves a Cha ca la vong made by freshwater fish. The price 10$(200,000 Dong) is more expensive than other Vietnamese food, but it is a hot place where daily dishes are presented with neatness and harmony that are rarely seen in local restaurants. I'm a person who introduces this restaurant as the must-have restaurant in Hanoi. Cha ca la vong is a dish where freshwater fish is marinated in seasonings, stir-fried with various vegetables and special sauce, including dill, and then dipped in peanut sauce or shrimp paste sauce, which is very like or dislike according to taste and boiled rice noodles. The delicacy of this house is tau hu, which is served as a dessert after all the cooking is done. After adding ginger to sugar syrup, it is eaten with lotus tofu, which has an amazing effect of calming the stomach after eating Cha ca la vong.

The second restaurants are those with no specific address. It's something that tourists who are just preparing for a trip to Southeast Asia may wonder, but daily restaurants for the local people. Simply put, street vendors are the main characters. There are countless street vendors in Hanoi, not all of which are delicious, but most restaurants are cheap and well-received, compared to restaurants nearby Lake Hoan Kiem. Like the pictures below, there are places where they do business by only using one machine, and blue plastic chairs and tables. These are places that sell thoroughly to Vietnamese locals. If a foreigner goes there, he or she may suffer from a barrage of questions, such as which country he or she is from and whether he or she lives in Vietnam.

How to find your Good restaurant in Hanoi

A tip to find a delicious local restaurant in Hanoi is to find a restaurant without a clear door. If you want to find a local restaurant with a sign, it's very simple. The places that have a person's name attached to the name of the food are restaurants that sell food to local people.

Relaxing with a cup of coffee

If you want a cup of coffee after finishing your meal at the place you want, why don't you visit a place that feels a little more local than a place like Starbucks? The method of finding is very simple. You can go to the place where a sticker is attached to the door. You don't have to worry if you feel a little dark and humid when you enter. It is showing you entered the right place. The "cong cafe" is a popular place to enjoy Vietnamese coffee and other raw fruit juices and coconut milk at a slightly lower price. I was introduced by my Vietnamese girlfriend for the first time, but it tastes better than I thought. I am looking for it often. Rather than a particular restaurant, you can look for a place where a sticker says "Cafe" in front of the door or where coffee is written on a billboard that looks like iron. Recommended menus are Vietnamese-style ice coffee (Bac Xiu Da). On a hot summer day, this iced coffee will give you the strength to endure the hot Vietnamese summer. If you don't like coffee, sugar cane sold on the street is also one of Hanoi's summer delicacies.

Simple curiosity and a little courage

If you want to get a glimpse of the lives of local people other than food, you need a little courage. It's not the courage to go to dangerous places, but the courage to do things you've never done. There was a time when I was living in Vietnam before I joined the army when I was attracted by simple curiosity and left my precious head to a street barber. After about 20 minutes of work, completed hair satisfied me, and I once went to a language institute with a new look. I still remember hearing my story and saying, "You've crossed the first gateway to become Vietnamese." I think that crossing over the walls of locals and travelers is created by a small challenge that starts with curiosity. If you're going to travel abroad someday, I hope you can challenge yourself if things are making you intrigued while you stay in Vietnam


"Travel is a glimpse into the lives of local people." My name is San Lee South Korea who has been traveling overseas for 10 years in 24 years life. The reason why I write after each trip at this point maybe because of the influence of those traveling books I read in my childhood, or because of my love of text more than video.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

I'll answer with the right information as soon as possible. 

Thank you for reading.
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Is It Safe to Avail Tuition Assignment Support from the Internet?
If you have enrolled in different tuitions, there are high chances that you need to solve multiple tuition assignments on a regular basis. Unless you are a specially-gifted student, you may face some challenges while dealing with multiple assignments at the same time. Thanks to the introduction of online tuition assignment help providers, it is now easier to resolve such issues. While the popularity of the assignment help online is increasing with time, there is a group of people who question the credibility and safety of such services. And if you think about it, such concerns are justified. If you are one of such students who are sceptical about the legitimacy and security of such assignment help providers, here are a few things you need to know. Is Online Assignment Help Services Legal? Let us clarify it once and for all. Assignment help services are not illegal. The providers of such services operate quite similar to any other online service providers you may see on the internet. They simply offer you the service in exchange for the service. In that sense, availing assistance for tuition assignments in Singapore is nothing different than buying a shirt from the internet. However, there’s a catch. As you may realise, submitting someone else’s content as your own is unethical. In fact, if anyone is found submitting an assignment that is done by someone other than the student, the student may get into serious trouble for it. This is the reason why teachers often advise the students to do their home tuition assignments on their own. How to Use the Online Services for Assignments without Getting into Trouble? As mentioned, you won’t land in trouble if you avail assistance for any of your academic papers. The problem begins when you try to submit the availed solution as your own. To avoid getting into trouble, you should avail the online assistance only for reference purpose only. If you have the best research paper help for your pending task, you can use that help to create a paper on your own, can’t you? When you place the order for tuition assignment, ask the expert to create the solution as per your requirements. Once the expert delivers the solution, take some time to study it, and observe how the expert has approached the problem. This may sound tedious, but this knowledge can help you improve your overall understanding of assignment writing.
I Was Stalked and Filmed on a Subway? :(
Recently I had a very creepy experience on the subway. A had a very odd man sit next to me and start filming me secretly (though obviously not so secretly since I noticed) He also tried to follow me but luckily I tricked him. For more info you can check the video below. **this is not common AT ALL in Korea, it only happened to me in Seoul because that's where I live. This could, and does, happen all over the world no matter what culture~** What I hope you take from this: 1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. If someone sits next to you (even if it seems totally normal) just take a millisecond to recognize that - don't just stay zoned in on your phone. 2. If you feel uncomfortable - get up and move. I didn't do this but I should have. I didn't need to "prove" he really was creepy, regardless of if he was or not, I have every right to just move away. 3. If someone made you feel uncomfortable, trust your gut and keep an eye on them in some way. If I hadn't noticed him earlier, he might have followed me off the train without me knowing. 4. Let someone know where you are and what was up. Even if its just texting a close friend that is dependable "hey I'm at XYZ bus stop, there was a weird guy on the bus lol" just so someone knows. In case something happens to you, it could help people find you. 5. If you see something weird happening to another girl, try to do something. When I see guys getting too close to girls on crowded trains I always try to make it seem like I'm with the girl too so he's outnumbered, or I stare them down so they know they aren't being sneaky. Be safe out there everyone, and just be alert :)
How Do Hiring Thesis Writing Online Services Help Students Gain Better Marks?
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Best Places to travel after this pandemic
With a world full of amazing destinations, choosing the best places to travel can be a bit of challenge.Towards the end of every year we look at the year ahead through a cultural lens, with a focus on major events and trends around the world.And then we plan a trip, here we will let you know about the best places you can travel after this pandemic. We target for best of best places to travel list that is geographically diverse, as well as inspire every type of traveller. Lets find out!! 1.Paris Paris is believed to be the most romantic city in the world.The City of Light draws millions of visitors every year with its unforgettable ambiance. Of course, the divine cuisine and vast art collections deserve some of the credit as well. Paris has a fairly mild climate, with average daily highs of 8°C in winter and 25°C in summer.Euros is the currency.‘Paris is always a good idea’ walk everywhere to explore. 2. Rome Rome, the city of seven hills, enjoyed a mythic beginning. Romulus and Remus – twin brothers who were nursed by a she-wolf and fathered by a war god – reportedly founded the Eternal City.most travelers are absolutely certain that there is something magical about Rome. Rome has a Mediterranean climate with cool winters and generally hot summers.The best way to get around Rome is on foot. 3.Phuket Phuket is among the world’s finest beach destinations, with fine white sands, nodding palm trees, glittering seas and lively towns.The most famous and perhaps the most photographed spots are Koh Panyee and James Bond Island.There are 30 amazing beaches to choose from. The climate of Phuket is tropical, hot all year round, with a rainy season which lasts from May to October, and a dry season from December to March. 4.Bali Bali is an Indonesian island and the most popular holiday destination in the Indonesian archipelago. You’ll be amazed at how many different types of visitors revel in this paradise. You can visit places like Tanah Lot Temple,Tegallalang Rice Terraces,Ubud Art Market,Kintamani and many more. The climate of bali is warm, average year-round temperature stands at around 26-27°C. Travel gives us many amazing experiences, but perhaps less obvious is the effect our travels have on the places and people we visit. where will your travels take you this year?
3 địa điểm chơi đêm thu hút nhất ở Nam Kinh
Nói đến cuộc sống về đêm ở Nam Kinh thì chắc nhiều người sẽ nhớ đến Fuzimiao, Nanjing 1912 Block, đường Hồ Nam,… Bở đây chính là 3 địa điểm chơi đêm thu hút du khách nhất ở Nam Kinh Nam Kinh nổi tiếng là thành phố có cuộc sống về đêm nhộn nhịp nhất nhì ở Trung Quốc. Và trong suốt 2 thập kỷ qua thành phố này đã chứng kiến sự phát triển của nhiều đường phố và các trung tâm thương mại quan trọng. Nơi đây du khách có thể tìm thấy các câu lạc bộ khiêu vũ, quán rượu phương Tây và nhà hàng sau 10 giờ tối. Và cũng chính nhờ những địa điểm chơi đêm nổi tiếng ở Nam Kinh này mà du khách từ nhiều nơi háo hức săn vé máy bay hãng China Airlines đi Trung Quốc để được đến đây khám phá. 1. Phố ăn uống Fuzimiao Nằm ngay ở vị trí thuận tiện, phố ăn uống Fuzimiao là một trong những chợ đêm nổi tiếng ở Nam Kinh. Nơi cung cấp những mặt hàng thủ công mỹ nghệ đọc đáo và cả đồ lưu niệm đa dạng, đồ chơi điện tử giá rẻ,... Chưa kể, khi đến đây mua sắm du khách còn có cơ hội chơi đùa với các thú cưng như: chó, mèo, thỏ,… Fuzimiao, một trong những địa điểm chơi đêm nổi tiếng ở Nam Kinh Ngoài ra, đây còn là một địa điểm thú vị cho những người sành ăn, chuyên những món ăn địa phương nổi tiếng. Các cửa hàng đồ ăn nhẹ đều tập trung rất nhiều khách du lịch, đặc biệt phải kể đến món bánh bao trong súp đậu đỏ ngọt,... 2. Nanjing 1912 Block Toạ lạc ngay bên cạnh Dinh Tổng thống, Nanjing 1912 Block từng là khu phố dành cho giới xã hội thời Trung Hoa Dân Quốc. Đến thời điểm hiện tại thì khu vực này là một khu thương mại với các quán bar, quán rượu, câu lạc bộ,... Mặc dù là địa điểm vui chơi hiện đại nhưng kiến trúc truyền thống vẫn luôn được bảo tồn. Đến đây du khách sẽ dễ dàng nhận ra những tòa nhà gạch xám, ban công kiểu dáng đơn giản, cửa sổ chạm khắc hình ảnh của Trung Quốc cũ. Nơi đây không chỉ có các thẩm mỹ viện và spa nổi tiếng, các cửa hàng cà phê mang thương hiệu thế giới như Starbucks, Coffee Beanery, Kathleen Five,... mà còn được thưởng thức ẩm thực các nước như: Nhật Bản, Hàn Quốc,… Ban ngày du khách cũng có thể đến Nanjing 1912 Block để khám phá về kiến trúc 3. Đường Hồ Nam Với chiều dài 1100 mét và chiều rộng 30 mét, đường Hồ Nam là một con phố kinh doanh nổi tiếng ở thành phố Nam Kinh. Là trung tâm mua sắm, ăn uống, ngân hàng, giải trí với các cửa hàng độc quyền từ các thương hiệu khác nhau. Con phố này đông đúc du khách bất kể ngày hay đêm. Ở đường Hồ Nam có phố ẩm thực Shiziqiao nổi tiếng là thiên đường cho những người sành ăn. Nơi bạn sẽ dễ dàng tìm thấy tất cả các loại nhà hàng bao gồm nhà hàng thức ăn nhanh và nhà hàng quốc tế. Còn gì thú vị hơn là đi bộ và chiêm ngưỡng cảnh đêm của 3 địa điểm chơi đêm thu hút nhất ở Nam Kinh xinh đẹp này nhỉ. Nếu thấy ấn tượng với trải nghiệm này thì đừng bỏ qua thành phố du lịch Nam Kinh này nhé. Và cuối cùng để bạn có thể săn được những chiếc vé máy bay giá rẻ hãy nhớ thường xuyên truy cập trang web của hãng China Airlines:
Flying to Seoul for the First Time: Tips and Tricks!
I'm the kind of traveler that likes to know exactly what to expect when I get to a new country. I memorize airport maps, bus stops, and subway lines so that in case I can't find wifi or if I'm running low on time, I can find my way on my own. This is especially true in countries where English is not the native language. When I first came to Korea, I was obviously a little nervous. I was going there to study abroad so there were people meeting me to take me to my university, but I still had to get off the plane, through immigration, and somehow find this one cafe that was our meeting point all by myself. I've been traveling since I was literally 4 months old so I wasn't too scared, but I wish I had had a little more info on what Incheon was actually like. So, for those of you who are planning to visit Korea for the first time soon, I shared what it is like to fly into Incheon and get all the way to Seoul. This includes some things to expect with the landing (aka why Korea is called 'Land of the Morning Calm') and how to go fill out immigration forms. I hope this is helpful! Enjoy^^~ Other facts: - Incheon airport is about 2 hours outside of Seoul! - There are actually 2 international airports in Seoul, Gimpo and Incheon. Most likely, you'll be flying into Incheon which is the largest, but if you're flying in from Japan you might be taken to Gimpo which is slightly closer to Seoul! - Incheon airport has SO MUCH TO DO including a rollerskating rink, traditional music concerts, a movie theatre, a capsule hotel, a museum, and places where you can wear hanbok and make Korean crafts! If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them belowwww~