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Luffy's Will - One Piece AMV
This is one of the saddest but most touching amvs I have seen so far! It is absolutely beautifully made! I just love the song with this AMV. Does anyone know the name of this song??
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This is definitely touching and such a wonderful tribute to Luffy. It shows so many moments that were so important to the series. Also, the song is here [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjmzy4NPimc&feature=share&list=PLoW7U6tc3d8LPQD_BcJjUuwtdJXix3END&index=53]
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isnt?! I really love this tribute to luffy's pain and determination but it is definitely a heart-breaking AMV
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@n3xt *high five* Definitely!
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완전 짠했던 장면중 하나~
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