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Is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the best anime of 2019?

Hear me out. And let me know if you agree.

Animation style.
The animation is good. Bold coloring and well drawn characters. Amazing fight sequences that highlight different fighting styles.

The characters balance each other out well and Tanjiro as the main character is really refreshing since he has such a calming non-annoying personality rather than obnoxious with a god-complex (that we have been seeing a lot lately in other animes)

Zenitsu is annoying but awesome! It always nice to see little flashes of his true strength from to time to remind us. And the last few episodes really opened up his character depth a bit more.

Inosuke is funny and watching him slowly become more humanized with his interactations with everyone else makes for great character development.

Nezuko and Tanjiro's relationship is refreshing and not creepy at all. And I'm really curious what her demon art ability is and how she develops it as the story progresses.

The main antagonist also looks like michael jackson in smooth criminal.

The plot is well-paced and theirs a lot of background for each characters and potential for growth. The demons s all having their own background story is a great added touch.
It has action, humour and great pacing. Sounds like a hit to me!

If you disagree then let me know the anime you think is the best.

yes yes it is I watch and read it, I dont even remember I what else is out anymore
demon slayer is amazing ❤
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