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With an average 14.7 rating point, A gentleman's dignity has been a successful drama so far. But the most interesting thing is this drama is watched by 9% of korean man who's in their 40's. A gentleman's dignity is a romance drama that has been waited by korean's drama escpecial those who's in their 40's. in one of survery, korean man feels they can connect to the character whose age are similar with them. But off course, they are jelaous of the character's money, car, background and defintely appearances. Labeled as the man version of Sex and the city, A gentleman's dignity that showed the 4 man's friendship is receiving a warm welcome. Don't forget to stay tune every weekend guys.
I am not on my 40's but i love and enjoying the drama.... repeating weekly and to continue to the next episodes..... love it!
....(Hey, girls! say something! fighting!)....
this is fake! girls are always looking for experienced men... they have to teach or to learn?...:)